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Black Mica
Chinese water pollution
Recently, seismic activity increased dramatically after fracking operations had commenced there.  Some attribute these tremors to fracking in that area.
Methane contaminated drinking water.
Ancient cistern
Mafic lava flows - source:  USGS






Q. Why do Adya Minerals improve the taste of my water?

It has been well known in the water industry that enhancing water

with minerals enhances taste. Like all good water that has the best

minerals, Adya tastes great. Adya minerals also ensure activated

oxygen in the water.

Our customers also find that when they combine their reverse

osmosis or highly filtered water with Adya minerals and then run

their water through our filtration system, the water is more

balanced and tastes refreshing.

          Q. Why are Adya Minerals so powerful?

Adya Clarity is sourced from Mica.

In nature, Mica is required for two things: to clean up our Earth of

toxins and to restore our Earth to balance. This process is

happening continuously in our Oceans and fresh bodies of water.

In this way, Mica is the source of minerals for our waterways which

makes Mica one of the most important resources for having clean


Mica is also known to be the source of some of the best mineral

formations such as zeolites, fulvic acid, ocean salts, etc.

Adya Clarity is sourced from some of the rarest forms of Black


Q. What will Adya Minerals reduce/remove from my water?

           Adya Clarity will reduce/eliminate the following:

  • anaerobic bacteria
  • chlorine and reduce sodium fluoride
  • heavy metals such as mercury and lead
  • THM's and other carbon-based waste

         Some of these functions are best achieved when using a  gravity-fed

         filtration system. This process removes particulates created from the

         separation process resulting from Adya Clarity Minerals to water.

Q. Does Adya offer a water filtration system?

Yes, Adya offers a very powerful, yet portable water filtration unit.

We know most people's only choice for mountain spring water is

to obtain it in plastic bottles. But, now you have a choice and can

eliminate plastic bottles, landfill waste, and create such water in

your own home.

How can you create fresh, mountain spring water in your own

home?  Combine the power of our gravity-fed water filtration

system with Adya's Mineral Solutions to balance your water as

only nature can.

We offer a gravity-fed water filtration system that offers the

following natural technologies:

  • Ceramic Filter: with a .2 micron size sieve, our ceramic filters are highly effective at removing many types of particles that lurk in water. For example, bacteria's size ranges from .5 to 1.0 microns which cannot pass through our .2 micron size filter. Ceramic filters last 1 to 2 years depending upon water quality and gallons filtered.
  • Natural 4-Layer Earth Filter: your water will filter through 4 layers of earth including activated carbon and zeolites. Throughout nature, these elements are used to purify earth's water. Earth filters will filter approximately 300 gallons of water before replacement is needed.
  • Adya Ionic Mineral Solutions: Our ionic mineral solutions combine with water to eliminate or reduce such substances as chlorine and fluoride. Our minerals also ensure that bad bacteria cannot thrive. Adya Ionic Minerals are a great catalyst for, and supplier of, oxygen due to its' minerals ability to draw and hold oxygen in water.
  • Gravity-Fed 2 Chamber Filtration Unit: The Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration unit is gravity-fed and does not require any electricity

Q. Must I use Adya Mineral Solutions with Adya's Water Filtration Unit?

A. No.  But if you use a lot of water in the course of your day, the filtering system makes it so you don't have to remake water every time you want to use it or drink it.  

Q. In what sizes can I purchase Adya Minerals?

           Currently, there are 3 sizes of Adya Clarity:

  • 2 ounce travel size dropper bottles which can treat or transform up to 15  gallons of water  .This is a one month supply for the average person and is also great for travel and on the go
  • 16 ounce bottle which will treat or transform approximately 125 to 150 gallons of water.
  •  32 ounce bottle which will treat or transform approximately 250 to 300 gallons

Q. Besides creating great drinking water, what are other uses for Adya
               Mineral Solutions?

Other uses of Adya Clarity are:

  • Water for Animals
  • Water for Cooking
  • Water for Plants
  • Agricultural production
  • Aquaculture

Q. When I add Adya Clarity to water, why does it sometimes become cloudy?

             The cloudiness that instantly occurs when you add Adya Clarity to

             your water is actually the precipitation of the contaminants that exist

             in your water. The powerful magnetic forces of the minerals attract

             these contaminants and clump them together into visible particles.

             These "clumped" particles are heavier than water and become


             The contaminants are   rendered harmless.

             Adya Clarity allows the water molecule clusters to reduce their size by



             As a smaller water cluster, the contaminants have less space of which

             to attach themselves to the water. The contaminants are forced to fall

             out of solution. Furthermore, the precipitated contaminants will never

             dissolve back into the water.

             Amazingly, you can see the water become pure right before your eyes!

Q. In more detail, can you describe the Adya water clean-up process?

Our product demonstrates the different functions of minerals

in water.  As can be observed in nature, minerals clean up our

earth and fortify our ecosystems.



Add the minerals to water and instantly a process begins by which

the oxygen in the water is changed in activated oxygen. Activated

oxygen burns up invisible contaminants making them visible and

water insoluble, or filterable. This process is called deposition.


  • The contaminants which have been made visible through the deposition process, now go through another process - agglutination.
  • Agglutination is the gathering up of the contaminants. Once again, this occurs because of the minerals. The minerals in Adya Clarity absorb and unite through an electron ion function. The magnetic nature of the minerals cause the contaminants to gather up and grow in mass.
  • The ionic charge within the minerals force the cluster of the water molecule to be reduced in size by half, and the contaminants fall out of solution.


  • Another process occurring within the water is the optimization of minerals.  For this process we can use an analogy of relationships.  Minerals are either combined into strong or weak relationships. When minerals are in weak relationships, they are easily broken up. But when minerals are in strong relationships, they remain together.
  • Adya Clarity minerals are in sulfate ionic form. This is a very strong relationship for minerals.
  • Sulfur when mixed with minerals creates amino acids in living organisms.
  • When Adya Clarity is added to water, it combines with minerals that are in the water to force the break-up of weak mineral relationships.
  • For example, if sodium fluoride is present in water, the Adya Clarity minerals will rearrange the molecules into calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride naturally occurs in the Earth’s waterways and within our bodies.
  • Likewise, the water now contains an amazing full spectrum of over 100 trace minerals.

Q.  Are there any clinical studies on Adya Clarity?

There have been many clinical trials on certain minerals in salt

form world wide. Many  of our minerals such as ferric iron sulfate

and magnesium sulfate have hundreds of clinical trials available all

over the internet. It is not our intention of reinventing the wheel.

Only making sure the wheel is complete.

This is why we believe having the entire matrix/wheel of minerals

in trace form is most important for our water and health. Please

request our product support documents and testing for more


Q.  Do I need to refrigerate Adya Clarity after opening?

You do not need to refrigerate Adya Clarity. Keep it out of direct sunlight.

Q.  Will heat affect Adya Clarity?

No, heat will not destroy the efficacy of the minerals. Do not

overheat or freeze when in plastic.


Advanced Fluoride Reduction Test
Antibacterial Test
Chlorine Reduction Test
Chloramine Reduction Test
Effectiveness of Filtration Unit
Fluoride Reduction Test
Hexavalent Chromium Test
Radiation Test
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Test

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