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Welcome to WATER WATCH on LobaTek.com.  We call it "WATER WATCH" to underscore what we believe will be the greatest threat to all people in the coming months and years ahead - the inavailability of pure, fresh water.   All people need water to live.  Going without good water for three days can lead to our deaths. 


Today, there are many threats to our water supplies.  All of them fall into one of the six categories listed below in our WATER WATCH MIND MAP.  They are threats because they carry the seeds of natural or man-made catastrophies by way of their polarizing and political nature.  Every person on the planet knows "something is wrong!"  Because the problems are so big and so complex, no one person can perfectly define what they are and how they connect to produce the threat.   We hope to share our learning about that with you here, and with  your help, prepare people to become vigilant and to pay attention to the connections.  Every single person has some piece of the solution inside of them.  Using the Internet Reformation, we can join our individual pieces, theories, and solutions together to find some answers and remedies in our part of the world.   It is a purpose worthy of our efforts. 

The site is dedicated to supporting The Internet Reformation as defined by "The Daily Bell."  The Water Watch mind map is our Reformation Guide to enlightening all people who would make it their cause to preserve the freedoms of the Internet, one of the last bastions of genuine freedoms of speech and religion in our world today.   Freedom of speech and religion are threatened by a host of dark acts to subtly but surely take them from all people so the power elite of the world may further guarantee their continued confiscation of the world's wealth.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Since 2008, Americans have lost approximately 40% of their wealth by the combined manipulations of the power elite.  If this doesn't shock you awake, nothing will. 


I hope you will join us!  Subscribe to our WaterWatch Newsbeams for updates and insights on how you can become part of The Internet Reformation. 

Topics to be explored on this website appear in the link below to our mind map called WATER WATCH.  Click on any topic for an expanded look at the areas of greatest threats facing our world.   Become a researcher for Right Action.   Select a threat topic below that is of most interest to you, then follow it here and in all your favorite learning places.  Blog your findings with us here and everywhere you feel you can make a difference.   Social media tools provide you a platform from which to help other people connect the dots to the hosts of solutions needed to push back on the threats.   

LEARN!  ARM yourself with facts, then ACT.  If you can't write, then speak about these issues with your friends, family, and colleagues.  Participate in Peaceful Opposition to the threats that we live with in our world today.  The Internet allows for all types of shared media -- videos, photos, music, and writing.  Make use of your freedoms we still have to insure they are ours forever. 



* WATCH Ancient and Current-day Religious Philosophies and Prophecies

* WATCH Earth, Sun & Space

* WATCH Geo-political Events

* WATCH MIlitary Agendas

* WATCH Societal Change

* WATCH World Governance



GOOD LUCK!   We look forward to WATCHING WITH YOU!   -Sharon Fernandez, Founding Editor


Learn more about how Internet freedoms are threatened by elite plots posing as legislation and buried in thousand page documents out of our view.  CRIMINALS. 




Take the quiz to find out which presidential candidates you most align with from the list in the survey.


LEARN!  ARM!  ACT!    It's as simple as that!  -Sharon

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