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Research Volunteer Opportunities

LobaTek is where you become the (online) published Journalist.  


Send us articles in any of the areas you think suitable to any one of the World Watch Water categories as outlined by the WATER WATCH Mind Map.   


Once you think you have enough to formulate a strong connections piece between the other articles in a category, begin to write. 


Within the category, create one article that connects the dots of your thinking as to WHY the incidents are ultimately threats to our WATER supply.  We will post them on our www.lobatek.com website under your selected avatar or assumed name. 



-La Loba


Questions? Contact SFernandez@LobaTek.com

Warn People!

"The best way is to shout from the rooftops when we hear the wrong counsel being
given.   All members of society, the poor and the rich, the high and the low, must be
made aware of doubtful claims and misrepresentations, which  are becoming more and
more evident. . . .
While it may be unpopular to warn of impending danger, the attempt should be made
whether it is a case of not knowing or not wishing to know."
~Viktor Schauberger