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WATCH:  Ancient and Current-day Religious Philosophies and Prophecies

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Welcome to the Religion-Prophecies blog support page.

Suitable posts include comments on these issues:

- Are Souls connected to "star stuff" in the Universe?

- Religions and Prophecies of old as compared to current day religious happenings

- Is The Rapture for real?

- Thoughts on the writings of James Redfield's ENERGY VIBRATIONS

- Thoughts on the Bible as compared to other religions and prophecies

- What can you learn by studying Revelations?

- How difficult is it to talk about God's promises to family and friends?

- What are the connections between every atom in the Universe?

- Where do we go when we die?

- Who does Revelations say are the devil's foot soldiers?




LEARN! ARM yourself with facts, then ACT. If you can't write, then speak about these issues with your friends, family, and colleagues. Participate in Peaceful Opposition to the threats that we live with in our world today. The Internet allows for all types of shared media -- videos, photos, music, and writing. Make use of your freedoms we still have to insure they are ours forever.





* WATCH Ancient and Current-day Religious Philosophies and Prophecies

* WATCH Earth, Sun & Space

* WATCH Geo-political Events

* WATCH Military Agendas

* WATCH Societal Change

* WATCH World Governance


GOOD LUCK! We look forward to WATCHING WITH YOU!


-Sharon Fernandez, Founding Editor

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