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This category will examine Societal Change at the turn of the 21st. century.   An accompanying blog page will give readers and visitors a chance to offer their views and observations about Societal Change and the move "inward" for most people.

In particular, retirees are rethinking where they want to "downsize" to in countries all over the world!   Exciting choices, Folks!  

Welcome to the Societal-Change Blog support page.


Comments suitable to this category include:

- Are governments behind moral decadence?

- Are governments planning to kill billions of people for population control?

- Has greed and money always displaced honor and integrity?

- Have wars always been one way to control population?

- What is Mexico's role in drug addiction?

- Role of the rise of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem

- Role of the Amish

- What happened to corporate and employee loyalty?

- Why are our schools so outdated?

- Why does practically everybody feel like "something's majorly wrong" today?

- Why mass family discord and breakups?

- Why will so many people NOT get to Heaven?



LEARN! ARM yourself with facts, then ACT. If you can't write, then speak about these issues with your friends, family, and colleagues. Participate in Peaceful Opposition to the threats that we live with in our world today. The Internet allows for all types of shared media -- videos, photos, music, and writing. Make use of your freedoms we still have to insure they are ours forever.





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* WATCH Societal Change

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GOOD LUCK! We look forward to WATCHING WITH YOU!


-Sharon Fernandez, Founding Editor

The Cuban Experience and Gun Control

Castro's first government act, starting with a "justification" speech lasting hours, referred to as, "Armas para que" (Weapons for what?), was to disarm the Cuban population, particularly those of who had fought against Batista's dictatorship, so that they would not be used against him, as he imposed Marxist rule. Something like it is presently done with armed forces veterans by the Obama administration, who deems them as unstable and potential terrorists, who should not be allowed gun ownership.

Catholics were a huge thorn on Castro's side. Most particularly vocal were the students from Catholic schools and university, young men and women who organized marches and processions, voicing hymns and prayers, in open defiance to Communism. As true "confirmed" soldiers of our faith, we were ready to die for it, as some did, while others were jailed or driven into exile. Amazingly, Catholics and Christian faithful are also deemed by the Obama administration as dangerous extremists and potential terrorists

Among the most defiant marches by Catholic youths, was the march on Parque Central (Central Park), to protest the visit of Anastas Mikoyan, Russian Foreign Secretary, who place a reed at the bust of Jose Marti, Cuba's intellectual independence leader and martyr of its 1898 independence war. Marchers broke up the reed, which resulted in lots of shots being fired by soldiers, people wounded and beaten. I was hit with the but of an FN rifle, by a Castro soldier who was aiming at a friend of mine taking photos. I was 19, an 190 pounds athlete, and so high on adrenalin that I didn't feel the impact and slammed the soldier.

Communists, National Socialists (Fascists) and Kensian Fabian Socialists, do not believe in, nor respect, democratic freedoms Even if they come to power by means of elections, or a popular revolution, they need to assume total population control, by lies, election tampering, or by pitching social sectors against each other, known as class warfare. They take advantage of ignorance and corruption, limit competition and pursue the takeover and control of the strongest sectors of finance and production, turning them into minions of the system. Part of their game is to keep the population distracted with contrived theories and programs, like clean energy, plus work inside art,media and education, to facilitate its moral decay, in order to destroy all organized religion, upon which individual freedoms are based, and the family, as the founding nucleus of society. My Cuban experience allows me to predict their path of control.

Under Socialist rule, government becomes the substitute for God, as the source of everything, and being part of the government is the ultimate reward and most cherished form of employment, as it insulates its members from the effects of their rule and awards all sorts of privileges, while preaching equality to others. Eventually, as it runs out of rich people to tax and disposes, or funds to borrow, equality will be achieved at the bottom rung of the social and economic strata. Cuba under Castro went from having a currency equal to the dollar and the third highest standard of living in the hemisphere, to a country where lacking, even with a ration card, is the order of the day and the average monthly income is about the equivalent of twenty US Dollars ($20.00).

Collectivism, in any of its forms, does not work, for it denies mankind its essential freedoms and aspirations, plus the opportunities to satisfy them. Thus the necessity to impose it coersively and avert revolution by disarming the general population, as condition precedent.

Cuban government has all the guns, a network of informants and rationing, which is also a form of population control, as just having enough to subsist impedes hiding a conspirator. Persecution of dissenters, a term which includes all sorts of activities, mostly peaceful and verbal, is a constant fear and so is distrusting even your children, who have been brain washed, through carefully planned government education programs and training camps. Sounds familiar?

In the US, the Second Amendment guarantees "Constitutional Carry" OF FIREARMS for the purposes of self defense and defense of country from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. It was the Founding Fathers means to prevent and provide means to fight any form of tyranny and the ultimate safeguard of all our constitutional rights. Registration is the first step to confiscation, just as the granting of "domestic partnerships" of gays and lesbians have become a prelude to demanding marriage, contrary to prior promises and assurances, just as the ones made about gun control by Obama and Reed.

Miguel A. Pirez-Fabar
Georgetown, Delaware

Flashback: Glenn Beck Interview With Paul Ryan From 2010


PAUL RYAN: They are leading us to a social welfare state, cradle‑to‑grave society where they create a culture of dependency on the government, not on oneself. It is meant to replace the American idea. And the reason I’m doing a lot of these speeches ‑‑ the reason I’m talking about Hegel and Faber and Bismarck, you know, and what those people stood for and what they did and said and all their disciples, you know, in America is because I really believe we’ve got to have a debate and a political realignment fast because we will win the debate now. We are a center‑right country. But if they succeed in moving us faster down the tipping point where more Americans are dependent on the government than upon themselves, where a debt crisis sparked money entitlement explosion brings us to, you know, a really tough fiscal situation, then down the road we may not win that referendum and so that is why I’m trying to, you know, do what I can from my position in congress to sound the alarm bells on what this agenda really means, what this philosophy’s all about and how we need to have a referendum in America in real elections to untangle this mess they created and prevent us from reaching this tipping point where we are a social welfare state, cradle‑to‑grave society, dependent on the government that lulls us into lies of complicity and dependency versus the America idea of, you know, making the most of your life, equal opportunity, equal natural rights.

You know, those are the things that got us where we are and that’s why I put this roadmap plan out there. I introduced it three years ago. I put a new version out in January. You can go to my website, Americanroadmap.org. It is a very specific economic and fiscal plan. It’s a piece of legislation that says there is an alternative to this progressivist vision for America. There is a way to reapply and reclaim the founding principles in America and still get America back and make this century another American Century appeared that’s why I’ve been, you know, speaking from the hilltop. It’s not popular and it’s ‑‑ and for my party, we can’t afford to screw up again. But we’ve got to get people to stop being worried or afraid of taking on this debate and that’s what I’m simply trying to do.




The Lutz family retired to Powell Lake, British Columbia.  Watch the video of their experience living "off the grid."   It reminds me of a family vacation our family took in the '60s to Big Three Mile Lake cabins in Ontario, Canada.  Here is the Lutz's story. 

Los Angeles expats of a certain age Margy and Wayne Lutz took a decidedly unique route when selecting where exactly to hunker down after taking an early retirement from their careers in education. In 2001, they got the hell out of Southern California and relocated to coastal British Columbia’s Powell Lake, a pristine and somewhat remote (it’s only an hour or so northwest of Vancouver, but getting there is somewhat tricky and time-consuming) body of water famous for its abundance of float cabins, permanently anchored structures that float above the water on wooden platforms.

If floating on a lake home in retirement doesn't do it for you, try a" Hobbit-Hole!"  Ditch your anchor mortgage and invest $5,000 to live in Nature's grandeur.     http://www.simondale.net/house/index.htm 

Some key points of the design and construction:

  • Dug into hillside for low visual impact and shelter
  • Stone and mud from diggings used for retaining walls, foundations etc.
  • Frame of oak thinnings (spare wood) from surrounding woodland
  • Reciprocal roof rafters are structurally and aesthaetically fantastic and very easy to do
  • Straw bales in floor, walls and roof for super-insulation and easy building
  • Plastic sheet and mud/turf roof for low impact and ease
  • Lime plaster on walls is breathable and low energy to manufacture (compared to cement)
  • Reclaimed (scrap) wood for floors and fittings
  • Anything you could possibly want is in a rubbish pile somewhere (windows, burner, plumbing, wiring...)
  • Woodburner for heating - renewable and locally plentiful
  • Flue goes through big stone/plaster lump to retain and slowly release heat
  • Fridge is cooled by air coming underground through foundations
  • Skylight in roof lets in natural feeling light
  • Solar panels for lighting, music and computing
  • Water by gravity from nearby spring
  • Compost toilet
  • Roof water collects in pond for garden etc.

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